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So what is a Custom Worked, Ported and Polished Engine Head?

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Imagine your motor as inhaling and exhaling when running. The more air/gas mixture you can take in and the more burnt exhaust you can get out, the more horsepower (HP) your motor will generate. Increasing your intake size (porting) to exact tolerances will increase the amount of air/gas mixture you can take in. Then increasing your exhaust size & polishing to exact tolerances will increase the amount of exhaust you get out at maximum efficiency.

Porting & Polishing the motor head, in our opinion, is the single biggest improvement you can make on your pit bike motor. Not only will you notice a performance improvement, we have noticed that it increases the longevity of your motor as well. By increasing the efficiency of the motor it cuts down on heat which leads to longer motor life.

Our trained, in house, technicians spent several hours getting the exact tolerances to gain maximum horsepower. Not only is the sizing crucial but the finish surface of the intake and exhaust are just as important. We then reassemble the entire head and make all necessary adjustments and completely lube every part. Your motor will be ready to run when you receive it.

We offer Porting & Polishing on all of our pit bikes for $149. We also offer this service on any pit bike motor head for the same $149 regardless if you purchased it thru us. Simply send in your motor head and we will send it back Worked, Ported & Polished!

Contact us for more details about getting yours done: 866-475-5692

or email: info @ orionpitbikesales.com

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